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Top 5 Playstore Alternatives : Tutu Helper #1

Google Play Store is official app market for the Android Smartphone. Play store is a google official Pre-installed app store in Android Smartphones. According to a report in 2017, Google play had 3.5 million Android application. It is the safest app store for your Android Smartphone.

You don’t have to worry about downloading an app if you are downloading it from Play Store. Play Store never allow Virus and Spam containing apps in it. Sadly, not every Android phone comes with Playstore. Some of the Android phones don’t have Play store in it. You can’t get paid apps for free in Play Store. But, there are many 3rd party app store available for Smartphone. Some people prefer 3rd party alternatives over Play store because of all the features they offers.

Play Store also lacks many basic features like you can’t pause the progress of a downloading app. There is no option to resume the failed downloading task of an app. For many of these reason people prefer 3rd party apps over Google Play Store. Today, we are going to talk about some of the great alternatives to Google Play Store. Follow the article below to find out:

PlayStore Alternatives

  • Mobogenie

Mobogenie is one of the most downloaded 3rd party app markets for Android. It has many unique features that set it apart from its competition. You can pause a downloading task and decide it to download it later. Mobogenie also contains apps like Cartoon HD, Moviebox for free on its platform. You can get access to all the paid apps for free. Mobogenie offers a very high speed downloading of all the apps. It is a great alternative to Play Store.

  • Tutu Helper

Tutu Helper is one of the most popular app markets among iOS users. Now, it not limited to iOS platforms. Tutu Helper has managed to get a lot of fanbase on Android platform too. Tutu helper has a lot of users on Android Platform. You can get any paid app for free with the help of Tutu helper app market. You can get access to Hacked and modded APK of the apps and games on the Tutu Helper app market.

  • Black Market Alpha

Black Market Alpha is one of the oldest 3rd party app market available for Android Platform. Black Market offers a lot of paid apps for free. Black Market Contains Premium Apps like netcut pro latest version, You can easily download a paid app with the help of Black Market Alpha.

  • Amazon App store

Amazon app store, also known as Amazon underground, is one of the most popular 3rd party Android App market. It is considered as one of the best alternatives to the Play store. It also has a “Free app of the day” features where you can get a paid app for free. Amazon app store offers a lot of paid app for free.

  • 1 Mobile Market

1 Mobile Market used to be one of the most popular 3rd party app stores for Android. It offers a lot of amazing features to its users. Nowadays 1 mobile market requires you to have a router of jiofi.local.html, You get a blazing fast downloading speed while downloading an app with 1 Mobile market. Many paid apps and games are available for free in 1 Mobile Market. It is one of the best alternatives to Play Store.

All the alternatives app we stated are awesome. Try them out and find the best for yourself.


What is Game Guardian & How to Install on Android

There are a lot of games available on the internet which takes months to complete it. Many people do not want to waste a lot of their time on a single game. Many people do not play long games because of this reason. Some people have to spend months to get to their favorite stage in a game. There is a way to get anything in the game without playing it for months. Yes, it is possible with game modding. Today, we will talk about an app that is considered one of the best game modding app for Android and iOS platform.

Game Guardian is modding/hacking app that lets you mod any game for free. You can get unlimited coins, unlimited gems, unlimited weapons, all inventory, unlock your favorite avatar of character without playing the game for months. Game Guardian modding app can hack games like Subway surfers, Mini Militia, Temple run, Hill climb racing, Dr. driving, Asphalt 8, Need for speed and much more with ease. You can unlock your favorite stage with Game guardian without having to play the game for hours. You do not have to run a thousand miles in subway surfers just to get your favorite avatar, all you need is Game Guardian Download Guide.

Game Guardian

Game Guardian is a cheating tool for Android and iOS devices by GameGuardian community which provide cheat codes for all your smartphone games. It hacks the game data in your smartphone root folder to unlock hacks like avatar’s, unlimited weapons, unlimited health, invincibility, unlimited gems, stages and many things. You can also speed up or slow down the game with game guardian game. Don’t try to mod games which run on an online server like Clash of clans, it can get you banned from the servers. You can hack large games like mortal combat and asphalt 8 easily with Game Guardian app. There are many alternatives available to Gameguardian like Gamegem but many gamers prefer game guardian over any game modding app.
After installing Game guardian, it runs in the background of your smartphone processes. There is a transparent icon available on the screen all the time. When you open a game, you can click on that transparent icon to modify the game. Suppose, you have only one life left on a particular game, you can use Game Guardian app to search for the remaining number of lives in the game and replace it with any number you like. You can also modify the time in any game to make the game story faster. For example, if it takes hours to create a building in a game then you can increase the game flow time to make the time run faster. You can perform many cool mod tricks with the help of Game Guardian app. You can run Gameguardian on your PC with the help of Bluestack Android emulator. You can run GameGuardian on your iOS device with Cydia package manager.

Enjoy modding any app with Game Guardian app.